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    YW8, inc (Why Wait)

    Why Wait? Because you're worth it! 

    YW8 is a non-profit 501(3)c organization devoted to educating the teens of Carter County, Oklahoma how to plan for the healthiest possible tomorrow by choosing the healthiest behaviors today.

    We teach that abstinence is the only 100% sure way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. YW8 does more than just tell teens not to have sex; we educate our students about the possible consequences of teen sex, help them identify  goals for their future, educate them on how to avoid obstacles and roadblocks to their goals, and then help them map strategies for success. We find that informed students with concrete goals for their future are empowered to make the healthiest choices.

    YW8 video featuring our students

    YW8 video by CJ Capraro

    "Empowering teens to plan for a healthy tomorrow by choosing healthy behaviors today"

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