Healthy now...Healthy choices...Healthy future!

 "Empowering teens to plan for a healthy tomorrow by choosing healthy behaviors today"

YW8, inc (Why Wait)

Why Wait? Because you're worth it! 

YW8 is a non-profit 501(3)c organization devoted to educating the teens of Carter County, Oklahoma how to plan for the healthiest possible tomorrow by choosing the healthiest behaviors today.

YW8 inc. (pronounced “Why Wait”)  exists to empower teens to make the healthy choice of avoiding high risk behaviors such as teen sex, drugs, alcohol, gangs, and bullying. YW8 provides holistic, skill-building curriculum that includes the following components of healthy relationships and goal-setting: poverty prevention, sexual risk avoidance and relationship education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy, long-term and short-term  goal setting, critical thinking skills, personal power and responsibility, self/impulse control, academic achievement, conflict resolution, boundary setting, strong decision making skills, and more.

Our newest video, courtesy of Ardmore Mulitmedia and featuring YW8 student actors:

2014 YW8 Video

YW8 video featuring our students

YW8 video by CJ Capraro

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