6th Grade

Choosing the Best - Way

Down-to-earth and hands-on, these 6 sessions keep students involved through self-discovery and interviews with friends, parents or guardians, and class partners. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion. This lively curriculum creates the foundation for an informed commitment to healthy relationships

Link: http://www.choosingthebest.com/way

7th Grade

Game Plan

Game Plan, the 7th grade abstinence curriculum, uses a sports analogy to help students understand the importance of strategically setting goals, including choosing to save sex for marriage.

Students are encouraged to make a “Game Plan” for their lives.

Link: http://www.ampartnership.org/curriculum/game-plan/

8th Grade

Choosing the Best - Life

Direct enough to command teens’ attention, this 8-session curriculum also helps communicate, dynamically and positively, the value of choosing sexual delay. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to vibrant discussion. The 45-minute segments include topics such as sexual violence prevention, understanding consent, and healthy relationships, along with role-plays that help teens avoid at-risk behaviors.

Link: http://www.choosingthebest.com/life

This popular, innovative curriculum is being used across the country to teach high school students critical relationship skills and practical approaches for navigating the social dynamics of friendship and love .

Link: https://www.myrelationshipcenter.org/curriculum/real-essentials-advance

9th Grade

Real Essentials