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YW8 has made me realize that every decision has a consequence and if I make a wrong decision it could destroy my plans for the future.
— Student of YW8

  • YW8 currently serves 6 school districts:

    • Ardmore City Schools

    • Dickson Public Schools

    • Lone Grove Public Schools

    • Oak Hall Episcopal School

    • Plainview Public Schools

  • Each year YW8 provides education to an average of 2000 students

  • Each student receives an average of 10 classes every year for 4 years.

  • Community Involvements:

    • Ardmore High School Health Fair

    • Ardmore High School Friends and Mentors

    • HIV/AIDs state mandated lessons

    • Carter County Teen Maze

    • Parent Connections

    • Carter County Turning Point Coalition

    • Puberty & Development presentations for area 5th grade students

    • Youth Involvement Committee

    • Love and Logic Parent Classes

    • Video Segments for